​​"Working to Preserve and Promote the Historic and
Cultural Resources of McCulloch County, Texas​"

  McCulloch County

Chair: Carol Pilgrim (325-597-1505) or cpilgrim@classicnet.net



Executive, Finance, and Budget Committee


  • Executive, Finance, and Budget Committee

                       Chair: KJ Hallmark (325-597-4123) or hallmarkkj@yahoo.com

  • Historical Appreciation, Publicity, and Heritage Tourism Committee

                       Chair: Eric Bierman (325) 456-6257 or ebierman1138@gmail.com

  • Marker and Cemetery Committee

                       Marker Chair: Ronnie Moore (325) 456-7220 or rcl@centex.net

​                         Cemetery Chair: Alvin L. Bolton 325-456-0253 or bolton123@centex.net

  • Oral History and Archives Committee


  • Endangered Properties, Archeology, and Public Policy Committee

                       Chair: Kevin Dodds (325-456-7824) or skyhorsehelicopters@hotmail.com

Composed of MCHC officers, this committee:

  • Acts as liaison between MCHC and THC as well as between MCHC and persons or organizations seeking advice, assistance, support, or sponsorship regarding preservation projects
  • Coordinates and integrates the committees' separate plans into MCHC's annual program of work
  • Establishes member criteria and recommends member appointments to the commissioners court
  • Provides new-member training
  • Makes decisions about MCHC work and projects between regular meetings
  • Works with other state and local preservation groups
  • Exchanges ideas, programs, and work with neighboring county historical commissions
  • Ensures that all MCHC fiscal activity complies with McCulloch County requirements
  • Develops and manages the MCHC annual budget
  • Coordinates the annual budget and programs of work to ensure they are parallel and workable
  • Raises private funds to supplement the county appropriation

Historical Appreciation, Publicity, and Heritage Tourism Committee

This committee identifies and monitors the county's historic and cultural resources in order to:

  • Create countywide awareness of historic preservation and its benefits and uses
  • Formulate strategies to spread the word about the county's historic sites and attractions
  • Organize activities that appropriately commemorate or celebrate McCulloch County's heritage and its historic and cultural resources
  • Identify the best and most workable ways for MCHC to communicate with the audience to be served by a program or project
  • Enable tourists to learn about and to experience the history and culture of McCulloch County
  • Coordinate its activities with other committees as appropriate or as needed
  • Cooperate in or coordinate with any county historic preservation program

Marker and Cemetery Committee

This committee works with the public, the county, state and local organizations, and THC to:

  • Survey subjects and sites, including county cemeteries, for possible historic marking
  • Research and prepare THC marker or historic cemetery designation applications as possible
  • Assist persons through the THC marker or historic cemetery designation application process
  • Review marker or historic cemetery designation applications before submitting them to THC
  • Develop a system for the periodic review, assessment, maintenance, and repair or replacement of the county's markers, including those at county cemeteries
  • Initiate the process for other official designations, such as the National Register of Historic Places
  • Produce visual and written descriptions of county markers, including those at county cemeteries
  • Cooperate with county cemetery associations in clean-up days and other similar activities
  • Initiate and coordinate a countywide effort to compile, maintain, and archive service and burial records for McCulloch County veterans, culminating in publication of a comprehensive document

Oral History and Archives Committee

​This committee preserves information about the county's historic and cultural past by:

  • Identifying persons to be interviewed and arranging the details of the interview
  • ​Developing long-range goals for the oral-history program, including the sequence of interviews
  • ​Identifying and implementing effective oral interview techniques
  • ​Conducting and supervising oral interviews, including their later transcription
  • ​Coordinating the placement of audio- or video -taped interviews or transcripts in archival centers
  • Identifying project funding needs and spearheading funding activities
  • ​Overseeing management and preservation of documents that pertain to MCHC

​Endangered Properties, Archeology, and Public Policy Committee

This committee operates as MCHC's "watchdog" by:

  • ​Creating a list of McCulloch County's "Most Endangered Historic Properties" that are threatened by neglect, deterioration, lack of maintenance, vandalism, insufficient funds, inappropriate development or other adverse effects, publicizing the list, and developing a systematic method of monitoring these properties
  • ​Coordinating its efforts with the Historical Appreciation, Publicity, and Heritage Tourism Committee
  • Responding to requests from THC for information on endangered properties in McCulloch County
  • ​Undertaking activities that promote preservation of McCulloch County's archeological resources
  • Ensuring that all provisions of the Texas Antiquities Code are followed
  • Bringing archeological sites of major importance to the attention of the THC Archeology Division staff and assisting with the coordination of special projects as requested
  • ​Protecting identified archeological sites by not investigating or publicizing  them
  • Maintaining a vigilant attitude with regard to proposed and ongoing public and private development efforts to ensure that no historic or cultural properties within McCulloch County will be at risk of endangerment by any developmental activity

  McCulloch County

Historical Commission

Historical Commission