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TBA-Dedication of Brady, Fulcher, and Smith memorial marker on courthouse grounds. 
​       Dedication of West Sweden Cemetery as historic Texas cemetery.                

                                                   THE McCULLOCH COUNTY SWEDISH HISTORY PROJECT

     Following several months of discussion about the importance of preserving McCulloch County's Swedish heritage, MCHC applied for a "Rescuing Texas History" mini-grant from the University of North Texas in the summer of 2015.  Receiving the grant award resulted in the MCHC becoming a partner with UNT in its digitization project know as "The Portal of Texas History."  Dating from the 1880s to the present, the original 123 digitized items in the McCulloch County collection that appear on the portal consist of photographs, handwritten materials, and printed documents that provide an overview of the impact of Swedish settlers and their descendants throughout the county.

     Early Swedes who settled in East Sweden, West Sweden, Melvin, and Brady quickly became important in the economic and cultural development of McCulloch County, especially within the farming and ranching industries.  The materials in the Swedish collection suggest that their success largely resulted from a collective spirit of determination and cooperation, with religion and education being central to both their individual lives and community structure.  Perhaps the common thread unifying the collection is the idea that, if a person works hard individually and also works hard with others, both the person and the community have a good chance of attaining the "American Dream."

     In 2018, MCHC is making a second submission of 11 additional items for inclusion on the Portal that will be paid for by private donations.  In addition, it will apply for another UNT mini-grant in August 2018 to digitize both Swedish and English versions of the Swedes in Texas, a popular, and voluminous, historical and genealogical resource.  Because there is no assurance that a grant will be forthcoming, all donations towards offsetting the digitization costs will be appreciated!

     The inclusion of the McColluch County Swedish History project on the Portal ensures that both researchers and casual viewers can more easily understand and evaluate the influence of an important segment of McCulloch County's early population.  The collection may be accessed at



​​"Working to Preserve and Promote the Historic and
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